michèle boulogne                                                                             

Research on technological Imagery of Alien landscapes,
An inquiry within the Digital Archive from NASA's Magellan mission to Venus
This project was made possible by my collaboration with the Tilburg TextielLab.


The methods around space exploration echo those of land colonisation on planet Earth. There are ways to explore space without said conquest, and this project investigates the question :
Are there techniques to incorporate into remote sensing technology that will eliminate the process of colonisation in order to explore Venus’s surfaces?

Currently, the predominant way to explore the planet’s surfaces is via the bird’s-eye view pictures produced by NASA. Despite being highly mediated, impersonal and fragmentary, they are now considered truth. As a textile artist, Michèle Boulogne has utilised the art form to reactivate the images and create a more dimensional and empathetic understanding of Venus.

This selection from the material collection is a start to a more engaging understanding of space exploration.  

Visual appendix

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